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Direct-Recovery was founded in 2000 to target a market of shippers underserved by third party logistics firms. We developed a scalable platform to deliver enterprise level parcel audit services to large, decentralized shippers. We then packaged the same technology in a solution to serve smaller companies. “Smaller” back then meant companies with less than $500,000 per year in total FedEx or UPS spend.

Today we serve a breadth of customers from small catalogs to Fortune 1000 corporations. We focus on reducing shipping costs through our parcel audit, contract optimization, Freight auditing companies, reporting, insurance, and parcel claims management. For larger customers we offer a full service multi-mode transportation spend management solution together with best-of-breed industry partners. For smaller customers we offer the best and most cost effective parcel auditing solution on the market. For all customers we offer simplicity, efficiency and savings.

Since 2000, eroding margins have driven the parcel audit industry to offer cost reduction services at a per-transaction fee or monthly subscription basis. While we make these billing options available, we have also boosted efficiencies and reduced costs to guarantee a net value to our customers. We continue to operate primarily on a gain-share model with satisfaction based contract terms for maximum customer retention. With free setup, Reduce shipping rates and contingency billing, our benefits directly improve the bottom line. It’s what KPMG calls a no-brainer, no-risk value proposition.

Serving the Fortune 1000, yet accessible to the small and medium sized enterprise.

Direct-Recovery Parcel and Freight Audit: 

We track every package you ship, every charge you’re billed.

When a delivery is late, we secure a shipping cost refund.

When a charge is invalid, we secure a credit or refund.

When a shipment is lost or damaged, we secure a refund for the shipping cost and package contents.

When your rates are high, we negotiate discounts, or give you the analytical tools to do the same.

These are hard cost savings – often over 10% of the carrier invoice. We also:

Identify operational improvements to generate soft cost savings.

Deliver a SaaS business intelligence platform.

Work with all major parcel and LTL carriers (DHL, TNT, FedEx, UPS, US Cargo, Eastern Connection, Blue Dart, etc.)

Serve any international shipper, regardless of domicile.

Here’s the kicker — All this we do for a portion of the hard cost savings – what you’re now overpaying the carrier.

No Set-up cost. No minimum Term. No Minimum fee.

Direct Recovery Parcel Audit helps larger FedEx, Freight Auditing and Consulting and UPS Contract Negotiations, UPS shippers trim transportation budgets with full transparency of every shipping dollar.