We employ a gain-share pricing model, starting at 50%, with discount tiers for higher volume shippers (call if you think that’s you). Services are billed monthly for savings recovered during the prior month. All credits are itemized in your carrier bill, and in our weekly reporting.  Gain-share pricing guarantees all our services increase your profits.   We offer monthly or per-transaction billing as well – but customers typically opt for gain-share.

Direct Recovery Parcel Audit helps larger FedEx, UPS Audit and FedEx Audit , Parcel audit , UPS Refunds , UPS shippers trim transportation budgets with full transparency of every shipping dollar.

Satisfaction-based. No minimum service term. We enjoy very low attrition, but if you’re ever dissatisfied, let us know. We’ll fix it, or you can discontinue the service immediately — your choice.

We’re the ones on trial. Give us a month to prove ourselves. You’ll receive the gain-share invoice at the end of the period, and you’ll know if we can make a difference for your enterprise. If we do, you continue. If not, you walk. Our revenues are based on your savings, so if you don’t like it, we don’t either.

Logistics management is necessarily a global enterprise. Our core auditing work is performed in the US and South Africa, but we work with companies domiciled anywhere. We consolidate data streams coming from different carriers on different countries in different currencies, to a central server bank where we audit the transportation invoices, settle claims with the carriers, and provide the customer with a single source for all relevant logistics information. We add consulting and cost-cutting services and move toward a full transportation spend management solution. Allow us to conduct a free preliminary assessment of your logistics auditing needs, or initiate our parcel audit, and we’ll be better able to recommend a comprehensive solution.

Fulfillment houses ship on their own accounts, or on customers’. We’ll audit both. You can use our reporting interface as an extra service for your customers, and a valuable (and free) tool for you to analyze for operational cost savings. Any those have electronic billing, which includes all of the major parcel, truckload, LTL, ocean, rail companies — FedEx, UPS, DHL, EMS, TNT, Eastern Connection, Blue Dart, US Cargo, etc. Site copy references UPS and FedEx as the industry gorillas, but if you ship with a carrier that invoices electronically, they’re probably on the list. In fact, we prefer international shippers and regional carriers as the failure rate tends to be higher.

Parcel auditing has historically been reserved for higher volume shippers. We introduced a scalable technology to profitably audit lower volumes as well. We target any company shipping at least $50k/year with no maximum volume. As shipping spends increases, the breadth of applicable services also increases. Start with the parcel audit and reporting. Once we map your shipping profile, we can intelligently steer you toward maximum benefits with additional services.