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Holiday season gets a bit crazy on the shipping front. With that seasonal volume bump, there’s also a bump in lost and damaged packages. It’s a pain for the customer, the shipper and, faces it, the carrier as well. What to do about it?

Direct Recovery Parcel Audit helps larger FedEx, UPS Audit, FedEx Audit,Parcel audit, FedEx Rate Negotiations and UPS shippers trim transportation budgets with full transparency of every shipping dollar.

Processing loss and damage claims is a hassle. Doing it well can often require more productive time than a lost article may be worth. That’s why many companies skip the entire process and write off the loss.

Direct-Recovery can help systematize that process by identifying loss and damage candidates and working collaboratively with customers to reduce processing time by 80%. We download all claims data directly, streamline the claims filing process, and you reap rewards of refund checks and increased productivity.

If you’re an existing customer, ask your rep to run a loss and damage claims review to see what you might be missing. If you’re a new or potential customer, once you’ve implemented our parcel audit, we’ll run a full evaluation to determine how best to help reduce your shipping spends.

As always, we work on a gain-share, basis, making the decision to implement a bit of a no-brainer.

And what about those porch pirates — an alliterative euphemism for common day thieves, thugs, and robbers. Call it what you will, they steal a package from a customer’s porch after it’s already delivered. That’s a subject for another blog.

What is Carrier Contract Optimization?

Whatever you’re particular forte, if it’s not transportation spend management, you’ll want to bring in the pros when negotiating your next carrier contract. FedEx and UPS contracts can be rather onerous to interpret. The language is mostly straight-forward, but the impact on your unique business is elusive. What they don’t show you is what you most need to see.

The Direct-Recovery rate optimization service assures that you get the most for your transport buck. With former FedEx and UPS executives on staff, and decades of data to reference, we understand the nuances of negotiation and concessions. We know what’s possible and we’ll help you get there.

We start with your current contract, informed by a thorough analysis of your shipping history. We find opportunities to nip or tuck in ways that won’t be rejected by the carrier contract algorithm, we encourage some healthy competition as we walk you through negotiations, and we typically cement a net rate reduction well into the double digits.

If you’re satisfied with your current contract with FedEx, UPS, DHL, allow us to run a complementary analysis. We’ll verify you have the best contract you’re apt to see, or we’ll show you exactly what you’re missing, the potential impact on your business, and how to get there from here.