Direct-Recovery Parcel and Freight Audit:

We track every package you ship, every charge you’re billed.

When a delivery is late, we secure a shipping cost refund.

When a charge is invalid, we secure a credit or refund.

When a shipment is lost or damaged, we secure a refund for the shipping cost and package contents.

When your rates are high, we negotiate discounts, or give you the analytical tools to do the same parcel audit.


These are hard cost savings – often over 10% of the carrier invoice. We also:

Identify operational improvements to generate soft cost savings.

Deliver a SaaS business intelligence platform.

Work with all major parcel and LTL carriers (DHL, TNT, FedEx, UPS, US Cargo, Eastern Connection, Blue Dart, etc)

Serve any international shipper, regardless of domicile.

Here’s the kicker — All this we do for a portion of the hard cost savings – what you’re now overpaying the carrier.

We Turn Data into Decisions

We securely store and mine your shipping data to help you make better business decisions. Use our reporting interface to cost-code, locate your next distribution center, improve service selection, discover zone-skipping savings, detect fraudulent account use, find bad dim-wt corrections, and more. Use our ad-hoc report writer, designed for non-technical users, to discover and present anything else you may need to know UPS audit.

We Recover Excess Shipping Costs

Direct Recovery’s parcel audit is a must for any company that ships with FedEx, UPS, TNT, DHL and any other parcel or LTL service provider. Regardless of your carrier, Direct Recovery delivers hard and soft savings on a gain-share model that guarantees to reduce transport spend.

Hard savings are shipping credits obtained by holding carriers accountable for their service contract. UPS, FedEx and the rest guarantee on time delivery and accurate billing. We make sure they deliver. If a shipment is late or incorrectly billed, we file a claim, you receive a refund. That’s hard savings – shipping credits go straight to your bottom line.

Soft savings come from changes you make in response to the operational intelligence we provide. By analyzing your shipping data we improve package consolidation, carrier selection, warehouse location, fraud detection, and more. We have over 400 configurable reports, and a dynamic report writer, to help companies make better logistics decisions. But you’re not on your own. Our logistics analysts are constantly screening the data to stretch your shipping bill.

If there is money to be saved, hard or soft, we’ll find it. The cost? We work for a portion of the hard savings. No set-up expense. No monthly minimum. The soft savings are all yours.

Direct Recovery Parcel Audit helps larger FedEx, UPS Contract Negotiations, Parcel audit and UPS shippers trim transportation budgets with full transparency of every shipping dollar.